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Helping our customers concentrate on getting the product right by  sorting out their systems.

We have provided our services to numerous microbreweries across the Highlands, helping them expand their businesses and reduce costs.

As experts in Process Control and Instrumentation for the Water Industry, we can apply our expertise to provide innovative solutions to a range of problems. Providing precise temperature control and reliable pumping systems.

Case Studies.

Case Study No 1 - Glycol Temperature control.

A regular requirement for our brewery customers is a precise temperature controller for their glycol systems.

Using low cost controllers we were able to construct a control panel for eight different points.

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Technologies Used.

PID Controllers.

Proportion Integral Derivative (PID) controllers have become an important part of the process control industry. With a relatively simple and well understood algorithm we can create excellent performance in most applications.

These controllers rely on feedback from a sensor. In a heating application a temperature sensor in the room will be used to vary the power to the heater in order to maintain a constant temperature.

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