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Technical excellence, attention to detail and experience enable us to provide cost effective solutions within the required timescales solving our clients problems and satisfying their requirements.

We draw on knowledge and experience gathered over decades and have excellent electrical and mechanical support from our in-house team using SCADA, PLC's or microcontrollers as appropriate.

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Case Studies

Case Study No 1 - MacDuff Shellfish - Monoscreen pumping system.

For some time, waste effluent from Macduff shellfish processing lines was being transported to a nearby site for further treatment. Our new scheme is designed to remove small pieces of meat, shells, sand, silt and labels.

The screening process uses a 2mm monoscreen technology to lift the debris out of the channel and convey it to a higher level which enables it to gravitate down a launder shoot into a sealed skip.

Effluent from the process lines flows into a common drain pipe and gravitates into the inlet pumping station which comprises of the following equipment;

- A pair of vortex type variable speed pumps duty standby on guide rails.

- One high level float for generating a high level alarm.

- A radar level transmitter for normal control.

- Three actuated pinch valves to provide scouring and channel selection.

Case Study No 2 - MacDuff Shellfish - Waste Water Pumping System.

As part of MacDuff Shellfish expansion they have nominated CSS to provide the equipment and control to enable them to discharge variable flows at varying times from a new Condensate Pumping Station.

Condensate is removed from a number of condensers within the factory and piped to a new pumping station. In the pumping station sump is a new variable speed 3 phase pump on guide rails, radar for level control, a suction pipe from the Hydro Auto sampler and a Flow Meter is located above ground on the discharge pipe to the sewer.

Provided that the sump hasn’t reached the low setpoint (SP1) and no alarms exist then the variable speed pump will be run at the flow rate determined by the consent document. The Flowmeter will provide a 4-20mA closed loop feedback which will be used to control the speed of the pump using a PID algorithm to the desired setpoint flows.

Both the instantaneous flow and the totalised flow must be logged and stored every 24 hrs. The totalised flow must automatically reset on a daily basis. The data must be stored in a way so that it can be recovered at a later date.

Technologies Used.

Programmable Logic Controllers.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the mainstay of industrial automation and we are well versed in all major brands. We regularly work with Siemens, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi, but also use other brands such as Omron, Modicon and Unitronics when applicable.


In tandem with the PLC some form of operator display is often required. This can take the form of a touch screen hardened to withstand harsh industrial environments such as a AB Panelview or Siemens Comfort Panel.

If more detailed process information and/or better reporting is required we will install a SCADA system such as InTouch or Iconics. This can be set up to run on an normal pc however industrial PCs can be supplied if the application demands it.

Other Technologies

We are able to supply other types of automation ranging from PC based control systems such as LabView to smart relays and embedded micro-controllers if that is what the application requires.

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