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Let us help you fix problems with your existing systems or guide you through a range of options in upgrades or new installations.

Technical excellence, attention to detail and experience enable us to provide cost effective solutions within the required timescales solving our clients problems and satisfying their requirements.

We draw on knowledge and experience gathered over decades and have excellent electrical and mechanical support from our in-house team using SCADA, PLC's or microcontrollers as appropriate.

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Case Studies.

Case Study No 1 - District Heating System.

Our customer was not getting the output from his district heating system he was expecting.

We conducted a hydraulic analysis that demonstrated some simple changes to the control strategy would improve the performance of the system.

Following a few small changes to the system we improved its performance by 80%.

Case Study No 2 - Boiler Control System.

This project was initially specified with only limited automation, but as the project design was refined it was discovered that a more complex control methodology was required.

We changed the design to replace the complex hardwired control with a low cost software controller that would meet the new requirements.

The new controller was integrated into the panel at no extra cost and without any delay to the project. Later it enabled us to integrate the system into the end users network. This would have been impossible for the original hardware based design.

Case Study No 3 - Test Rig Control.

Our customer was developing a test rig that would be used for a variety of different applications.

Flexible control software was required that the customer could then take on and refine as they anticipate frequent changes to the operating procedures of their test rig.

We offered an economical PC based solution using LabView to enable easy control system reconfiguration as well as complex mathematical analysis of the results.

Case Study No 4 - Siemens Step 7 Annotation.

The PLC software controlling a critical plant had no annotation (comments or symbols) making it impossible to read.

CSS designed several software tools which we used to manipulate the data and this enabled us to reconstruct the annotation making the software usable.

The customer now has fully annotated, readable ladder logic to assist with on site diagnosis reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

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Technologies Used.

Programmable Logic Controllers.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the mainstay of industrial automation and we are well versed in all major brands. We regularly work with Siemens, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi, but also use other brands such as Omron, Modicon and Unitronics when applicable.


In tandem with the PLC some form of operator display is often required. This can take the form of a touch screen hardened to withstand harsh industrial environments such as a AB Panelview or Siemens Comfort Panel.

If more detailed process information and/or better reporting is required we will install a SCADA system such as InTouch or Iconics. This can be set up to run on an normal pc however industrial PCs can be supplied if the application demands it.

Other Technologies

We are able to supply other types of automation ranging from PC based control systems such as LabView to smart relays and embedded micro-controllers if that is what the application requires.

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